Daily Tips to Help You Feel a Little More Radiant

Aug 2, 2023 | Being Kind to Yourself

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routines. We start to lose our glow. By adding a few silly things into our days, we can feel radiant and make some fun memories!

It’s now August. Summer is almost over.

If you are like me, having a love/hate relationship with summer, I am not starting to feel the end of summer blues when I look at my calendar! How did we miss all the fun of summer?????

And, how do you can you feel a little more radiant as the summer starts to come to a close?

Here are some fun and easy things to help you get through summer, and make some memories. (I can tell you that some of these will work for me, embarrass my kids and let them know that mom may be a little weird but they will laugh and remember that I can let loose every once in a while!) End of summer radiance – here we come!

Morning Dance Party

Start your day by turning up the music and having a spontaneous dance party in your kitchen. Let loose, shake your body, and allow the music to fill you with energy. Use the serving spoon as your microphone! Use the non-carpeted floor to nail some perfect spins! Make it a contest of who can have the best (or worst) moves!

Silly Selfie Challenge

Take a daily silly selfie where you strike a funny pose, use goofy filters, or wear a quirky hat. Share these pictures with your friends or keep them as a personal collection of laughter-inducing moments. Sometimes, my kids and I share to see who can have the most hysterical one. I mostly let them win because I know they will have no problem sharing my face on their social media stories. (Yikes!)

Random Act of Kindness

Brighten someone’s day by performing a small act of kindness. It could be leaving a positive note for a co-worker, buying a stranger’s coffee, or surprising a friend with a funny or heartwarming gift. Or, just telling your family members that you appreciate them, especially your kids – let them know you appreciate the things they do, even if it drives you insane. The joy you bring to others will reflect back on your own radiance.

Laughter Yoga

Dedicate a few minutes each day to laughter yoga. Fake it till you make it! Laugh out loud, even if it feels forced at first. The contagious nature of laughter will soon have you genuinely chuckling and feeling more radiant. Can’t find something to laugh at? Remember those selfies we took? Or those awesome dance moves from the morning dance party? Yea, think of those and just laugh at yourself!

Compliment Extravaganza

Make it a goal to give genuine compliments to at least three people every day. Notice and appreciate their unique qualities, style, or talents. Doesn’t have to be anything too deep. Just saying that someone’s outfit or hairstyle looks great, or that you notice their efforts or focus on something they are really trying to achieve, or saying ‘thank you’ for something that they did for you or someone else. Spreading positivity and making others feel good will undoubtedly boost your own radiance (and theirs!).

Pet Cuddle Time

If you have a furry friend, spend quality time cuddling and playing with them. Their unconditional love and playful energy can instantly lift your spirits and add an extra sparkle to your day. (Unless you have a cat like mine, where you might just want to pick the right time to cuddle!) And, I bet with the nice weather, we aren’t always taking our furry friends out with us; so make the extra effort to include them on some extra hugs and activities!

Sing in the Shower (or Vehicle)

Transform your shower into a personal concert stage. Pick up that water bottle in the car as your microphone. Belt out your favorite tunes. Let the world be your audience. Singing releases endorphins and boosts your mood, leaving you feeling radiant and joyful. And, if you have your teens in the car, all the better – they will love to learn your favorite songs and roll their eyes!!!

Remember, life is too short to always be serious. Summer is even shorted to fit it all in. Our goal in life should be to have a little fun, be lighthearted, and infuse your daily routine with activities that bring laughter, joy, and positive energy. By incorporating these playful moments into your day, you’ll cultivate a radiant and vibrant outlook on life. And, create some memories that will carry you through those darker winter months.