FOMO vs. JOMO: Embracing the Joys of Missing Out

May 31, 2023 | Being Kind to Yourself

Finding Joy Of Missing Out is a whole new way of embracing setting boundaries, enjoying your down time, and having energy to discover new things about you!

In a world where social media feeds are overflowing with vacation photos, epic adventures, glamorous events and near perfect relationships, it is so easy to get caught up in the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) frenzy.

But fear not!

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the delights of the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO)! And how it can bring a healthy dose of fun and contentment to our lives.

First, why I am writing about FOMO versus JOMO. Because this past weekend, it was all about being everywhere, all at one time – sports, housework, holiday gatherings, etc. I just wanted to rest, and take in the Joy Of Missing Out. But, I let the Fear Of Missing Out take over, and now, I need to recover………

Diving in…………Understanding FOMO: Frenzy or Fizzle?

FOMO, that sneaky little acronym, is the fear that everyone else is living a more exciting, fabulous, and Insta-worthy life than we are. It creeps up on us when we see friends sipping colorful cocktails on sandy beaches while we’re stuck in the office, longing for the weekend. FOMO can make us feel like we’re perpetually missing the party or being left out of whatever everyone else is doing, but fear not, because there’s a delightful alternative!

JOMO: The Joyful Side of Missing Out

JOMO is where the fun really begins! It’s the sweet liberation from the pressure to keep up with everyone else’s shenanigans. Picture yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and basking in the joy of being perfectly content with your own company. (Or, for me, sitting on my patio, staring aimlessly into my blooming garden, sipping wine next to the fire. (Yes, that’s my feet and fire!) Find your happy.) JOMO embraces the idea that missing out on certain things can actually bring us immense happiness, peace, and a whole lot of laughs.

The Impact on Well-being: No Frowns with JOMO Around!

While FOMO can rain on our parade, leaving us drenched in envy and self-doubt, JOMO is the ultimate sunshine that brightens our path to well-being. By embracing JOMO, we let go of the constant comparisons, put down our phones, and open our hearts to the present moment. Suddenly, we’re free to enjoy the simple pleasures, discover new hobbies, and indulge in some guilt-free “me time.” JOMO is all about celebrating life’s little joys and finding delight in missing out on what doesn’t truly bring us happiness.

Finding the Perfect Balance: FOMO and JOMO, Tango Style!

Now, let’s not throw FOMO out the window completely. It’s okay to feel a tinge of excitement when you see your friends having a blast. But instead of drowning in FOMO’s deep waters, let’s find the perfect balance and dance the tango between FOMO and JOMO.

Start by being self-aware of your feelings when you dive into the world of social media. Are you genuinely interested in connecting with friends or falling into the FOMO trap? Then, take regular breaks from the digital realm and embrace the JOMO mindset. Give yourself permission to unwind, explore new hobbies, and simply revel in the wonders of the present moment.

JOMO to me is the proud moment of having my boundaries (see earlier blog from this year) and sticking to them. Saying “no” to FOMO is really a huge “yes” to your own mental and emotional health. By striking a balance between the two, we can navigate the digital age with a lighthearted spirit, embracing the beauty of missing out on what doesn’t truly bring us joy.

Remember, life is a grand adventure, and sometimes the most unforgettable moments happen when we let go of the fear and bask in the joy of missing out. So, raise your JOMO flag high, dance like nobody’s watching, and savor the incredible journey of being authentically you! Celebrate the little moments, unplug from the frenzy, and embark on an adventure filled with self-discovery!