Glow Up Your Life: The Playful Path to Radiant Health!

Oct 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

Having that inner glow doesn't have to be that difficult. It is as easy as having a little fun in the every day tasks that we do. Feeling radiant is as easy as child's play!

Hello there, radiant soul!In a world that can sometimes feel like it’s running on fast-forward, it’s so very easy to forget that our health should always be a top priority. And, that is especially true now that the summer has disappeared and the cool, damp days of fall are upon us. It’s really difficult to feel like we can glow when all we want to do is hide under our covers until the sun comes out again!

Don’t fret – there is a secret sauce: when you’re healthy and happy on the inside, that’s when your outer glow truly shines! And, you need it more now than ever!

Let’s not wait any longer to find ways to get on the delightful path of radiant health, sprinkled with a bit of fun along the way. Because, if it ain’t fun, we probably won’t do it! Am I right???

Nom-Nom for Your Tummy

Imagine your digestive system as a garden, and what you eat as the seeds you plant. When you fill it with colorful fruits, veggies, and all the good stuff, you’re creating a symphony of flavors that your body will dance to. So, let’s play with our food! Try a rainbow salad challenge – see how many colors you can pile onto your plate. This is the season of so many fall veggies – and they are all full of color!!! The more, the merrier, and your taste buds will throw a party! When you fill your body with good, it will treat you good. I loathe thinking about what the bad could do!

Move That Booty: Exercise? Nah, let’s call it “play-cise”!

Whether you’re into dancing like nobody’s watching or having a blast at the local park, the point is to move your body in ways that make you grin from ear to ear. Crank up your favorite tunes and have a solo dance-off in your living room. Use the cooler weather to your advantage – see how long it takes you to work up a sweat outside! Make a game of raking those leaves! Do a dash through the raindrops and splash in a puddle! Your heart will thank you, and your inner child will have a blast. Better yet, find a friend to move with! Or, join a class – the more the merrier. And, that sweat? Nah, you’re glistening and glowing!

Pillow Palooza

Who doesn’t love sleep? It’s like a mini-vacation every night! Make bedtime an event. Get cozy with a cup of chamomile tea, cuddle up with your comfiest blanket, and drift off to dreamland like the sleep superstar you are. The best part? You’ll wake up feeling like a radiant morning person, even if you’re not! My secret to good sleep – keep a gratitude journal. Write down the good from the day. Nothing better than falling into dreamland with a smile on your face! (Oh, yea – turn off those devices. There is nothing worse than our sleep cycles that falling down the dark rabbit hole of funny cat videos!)

Stress-Buster Gig

Stress, meet your match! We’re not talking about complicated yoga poses here (unless you’re into that!). Try laughter yoga – yes, it’s a thing! Gather your friends or watch a funny video online and laugh your heart out. It’s like a tickle for your soul and an instant mood-lifter! (Just be careful not to fall into that video spiral, that you lose your day and interrupt that sleep we just talked about. Literally, I just talked about it!)

BFFs and LOLs

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you laugh until your belly hurts. Friendship is like sunshine for the soul, and laughter! Well, it’s the glitter that makes your radiant health sparkle even brighter. Plan something fun – meet up for a walk to look at the changing leaf colors, or laughter yoga (like we just talked about), or one of those creative crafty places – there is nothing better than supporting local businesses with your best buds!

Doctor Check-Up Fun

Visiting the doctor doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest or an anxiety ridden trip. Rock that waiting room with a puzzle book, share your “doctor’s office selfies” with your friends and family, and treat yourself to a post-appointment treat. In all seriousness, don’t skip out on those visits and be honest with your doctor with anything that has been bugging you – physically or mentally. Getting the treatment you need will earn you the “healthcare superstar” badge!

Achieving your best health isn’t a dull checklist; make it a vibrant adventure!

So, go ahead and play with your food, dance like nobody’s watching, snuggle up to your pillow, laugh your worries away, cherish your friends, and embrace those check-ups like a champ. Remember, your health is your greatest treasure, and the more fun you have along the way, the more brilliantly you’ll shine. Let’s glow up, you health-conscious superstar, you!