We’re Not All Crazy. We Are Really Brave in Disguise!

Jun 21, 2023 | Being Kind to Yourself

When we do things that are out of the ordinary, people think we are crazy. When, in reality, we are being brave. We are getting out of our comfort zone to challenge ourselves, to stand up for ourselves, knowing there…

I like to do “crazy” things.

Riding my bike far distances. Running 24-hour relay races or long-distance races or obstacle course races. Starting my own business. Jumping out of an airplane (it was amazing!). Changing my professional direction in my 40s. And, there’s more on my bucket list!

To most people, those things seem crazy. But, to me, it means that I am challenging myself.

And, I love it!

In the dictionary, the definition of “crazy” means “not mentally soundmarked by thought or action that lacks reason or out of the ordinary.” Crazy Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster. So, basically, that means that a lot of us are “crazy.”

Unfortunately, when we think of the word “crazy,” it’s often associated with negative connotations, “being unpredictable” or “irrational” or “unconventional.” Yet, that is the last thing we all are. Or, are we?

Let’s think about it. When we do something that is out of someone else’s comfort zone, we are the “crazy” ones. But maybe we are the ones who are dreaming bigger, wanting more for ourselves, pushing ourselves past our perceived limitations or challenging ourselves to getting what we really want out of life.

We are the ones who are taking risks or pursuing our dreams despite the odds being against us. It means putting ourselves in situations that may be uncomfortable or even dangerous but doing so with the belief that it will ultimately lead to a greater reward.

In a lot of cases, being called “crazy” really means being “brave.” It means having the courage to face danger or difficulty. It involves taking risks and standing up for what we believe in.

Think about some of the greatest achievements in history. Many of them were accomplished by people who were perceived as crazy at the time. Take the Wright Brothers, for example. They were ridiculed for their belief that humans could fly, yet they continued to pursue their dreams and ultimately changed the course of history.

Similarly, many entrepreneurs and business leaders are often seen as crazy for pursuing their ideas despite the risks involved. They take bold steps and make risky investments, but they do so with the belief that their ideas will ultimately pay off.

Those who are calling us crazy are the ones who may not understand what us. They are threatened by our desires to be better. They cannot see what we want for ourselves. They may just be the ones stuck in their comfort zones; and, by calling us crazy, they are the ones that might be holding us back.

By turning the definition of crazy around to meaning brave changes perspective, for us and maybe for others. By taking chances, yes, we are crazy, but we are also brave for standing up for what we want, for what we believe in, and learning from our experiences.

Ultimately, being crazy and being brave both require a certain level of mental fortitude, inner strength, and the ability to follow their gut and not the negative comments. It involves being able to push past your fears and doubts and take action despite them. Getting uncomfortable. Something that is not found in the average person.

We need to change the definition of crazy to brave. It really isn’t a negative thing. In fact, bravery is often seen as a positive and admirable trait. Bravery involves facing fear and danger in order to do what is right, even when it is difficult or risky. It requires a certain level of courage, determination, and confidence. And, it often comes with a bigger reward.

This week, let’s try losing the negativity about being “crazy,” and flipping that around to meaning “brave.” It may sound like a stretch, but look a little deeper. When was the last time you said to yourself, “I must be crazy” when doing something you’ve never done before? And, you lived to talk about it?

So…..what have you done that is crazy lately?

(If you need any ideas, come join me for an adventure! Let’s go be brave together!)